basic_modeling_interface.bmi module

The complete Basic Model Interface.

class basic_modeling_interface.bmi.Bmi[source]

Bases: basic_modeling_interface.base.BmiBase, basic_modeling_interface.info.BmiInfo, basic_modeling_interface.time.BmiTime, basic_modeling_interface.vars.BmiVars, basic_modeling_interface.getter_setter.BmiGetter, basic_modeling_interface.getter_setter.BmiSetter, basic_modeling_interface.grid_rectilinear.BmiGridRectilinear, basic_modeling_interface.grid_uniform_rectilinear.BmiGridUniformRectilinear, basic_modeling_interface.grid_structured_quad.BmiGridStructuredQuad, basic_modeling_interface.grid_unstructured.BmiGridUnstructured

The complete Basic Model Interface.

Defines an interface for converting a standalone model into an integrated modeling framework component.


finalize() Perform tear-down tasks for the model.
get_component_name() Name of the component.
get_current_time() Current time of the model.
get_end_time() End time of the model.
get_grid_connectivity(grid_id) Get connectivity array of the grid.
get_grid_offset(grid_id) Get offsets for the grid nodes.
get_grid_origin(grid_id) Get coordinates for the origin of the computational grid.
get_grid_rank(grid_id) Get number of dimensions of the computational grid.
get_grid_shape(grid_id) Get dimensions of the computational grid.
get_grid_size(grid_id) Get the total number of elements in the computational grid.
get_grid_spacing(grid_id) Get distance between nodes of the computational grid.
get_grid_type(grid_id) Get the grid type as a string.
get_grid_x(grid_id) Get coordinates of grid nodes in the streamwise direction.
get_grid_y(grid_id) Get coordinates of grid nodes in the transverse direction.
get_grid_z(grid_id) Get coordinates of grid nodes in the normal direction.
get_input_var_names() List of a model’s input variables.
get_output_var_names() List of a model’s output variables.
get_start_time() Start time of the model.
get_time_step() Current time step of the model.
get_time_units() Time units of the model.
get_value(var_name) Get a copy of values of the given variable.
get_value_at_indices(var_name, indices) Get values at particular indices.
get_value_ref(var_name) Get a reference to values of the given variable.
get_var_grid(var_name) Get grid identifier for the given variable.
get_var_itemsize(var_name) Get memory use for each array element in bytes.
get_var_nbytes(var_name) Get size, in bytes, of the given variable.
get_var_type(var_name) Get data type of the given variable.
get_var_units(var_name) Get units of the given variable.
initialize(filename) Perform startup tasks for the model.
set_value(var_name, src) Specify a new value for a model variable.
set_value_at_indices(var_name, indices, src) Specify a new value for a model variable at particular indices.
update() Advance model state by one time step.
update_frac(time_frac) Advance model state by a fraction of a time step.
update_until(time) Advance model state until the given time.